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Conference " Growth Points:  how innovations in microfinance regulation will affect the quality of risk management and customer loyalty "

April 18 , 2013. , Moscow, Russia

This conference launched а new format of "expert conferences ", which focused on a narrow range of the most important issues for the market with a purpose to discuss and develop a consolidated view on the topic.

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International Conference ICONO/LAT on Coherent and nonlinear optics and the international conference "Lasers , application technology."

18-22 June 2013 , Moscow, Russia


International Conference  on Coherent and nonlinear optics and the international conference "Lasers , application technology."

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20 - June 23, 2013 , Moscow, Russia

The 6th meeting of the organization, uniting more than 40 universities and research centers around the world, that specialize in global and international studies. The purpose of the Consortium - convergence and integration of educational standards and academic programs, optimization of mobility for students and scholars, exchange of teaching experience at Global Studies.

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10- th International Congress ISAPL

26-29 June 2013 , Moscow, Russia

The main theme of this Congress - Problems of Information Society and Applied Psycholinguistics, which implies its contribution to the development of modern global society. The event was attended by over 300 participants.

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2nd International Conference EESG

June 27-29, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia


The scientific program of the conference included issues about the treatment of tumors of the musculoskeletal system. Russian Academy of Medical Science academician M.D. Aliyev performed a surgical master class (live from operations room)


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International Conference " Biocatalysis "

02-05 July 2013 , Moscow, Russia


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II International Conference on quantum technologies

20 - July 24, 2013 , Moscow, Russia

The conference became a unique scientific platform and allowed scientists, academicians and researchers from around the world to present their work in the field of quantum technologies, communicate with each other personally, establish professional contacts, and discuss important академик scientific problems and achievements.

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12- th International Symposium and Field Workshop on Paleopedology

10-15 August 2013, Kursk, Russia

Conference and a field workshop is a regular event held by Paleopedology Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) since 1970. Most important issues of the conference: soil, geomorphologic and sedimentary records of Pleistocene and Holocene climate change.

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The conference of the researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Present and future of science in Russia. Place and role of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

29 - 30 August 2013, Moscow, Russia

The conference was held on the initiative of RAS institutes researchers, unions of young scientists of RAS, "July the 1st" club members, Institute Coordination Network and the Labor Union of Russian Academy of Sciences and was held at the Great Hall of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. More than 2,500 people attended pre-registration at the conference website, after which the registration had to be stopped due to the fact that the Grand Ballroom of the RAS could not accommodate such a large number of participants. To give the opportunity to join the conference to all comers, a webcast was organized which has not stopped until the conference was finished. The conference discussed the prospects for science research in Russia in the context of the Government new law "On the Russian Academy of Sciences...”. Alternative proposals for reforming the system of RAS and the organization of science in Russia we suggested. 

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International conference QP-34 Quantum Probability and Related Topics

16–20 сентября 2013, г. Москва, Russia

The 34th event in a series of major international conferences on quantum probability and related issues. Previous similar forum was held in 2012 in Marseille (France).

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1- st Russian-Nordic Symposium on Radiochemistry (RNSR)

21- 24 October, 2013, Moscow, Russia

Russian-North European Symposium on Radiochemistry (RNSR) was the first workshop in the series to be held in Russia since the founding association of radiochemists of Nordic countries in 1987. RNSR brings together specialists from Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland and covers various aspects of radiochemistry, including aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle management, nuclear fuel waste management and disposal, radioecology and environmental radioactivity, nuclear medicine and isotope production, radioanalytical chemistry.

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Globalistics - 2013,

23 - 25 October 2013, Moscow, Russia


This research forum received government support and was held with support of UNESCO and Global Studies Consortium. Congress was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Vernadsky . Its main part was held in Moscow State University and was chaired by the Honored President of the International Association for Global Studies, MSU President, Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Victor Sadovnichiy. At the plenary and breakout sessions of Congress there were performances of world famous researchers of global processes : the president of the Budapest club, head of the research group of the general evolution Ervin Laszlo, director of the Center for European Studies, professor of international relations and policy department of the University of Catania (Italy) Fulvio Attina, a member of the Royal Society of Canada, honored professor of the Faculty of Environment of University of Manitoba (Canada) Vaclav Smyl and other eminent scientists from around the world.

XII national conference on microfinance and financial inclusion

23 - 25 October 2013, Moscow, Russia

National Microfinance Conference and affordability - the main public event of the year in the field of microfinance, the most important event of the industry, place for discussion of the most issues of microfinance. The conference was held with the support of the Ministry of Finance, The Federal Service for Financial Monitoring, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

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VIII Moscow science festival

11 - 13 October 2013, Moscow, Russia

Over the past 7 years the Moscow Science Festival gained a lot of popularity and fans among Muscovites and guests of the city. Every year more and more young people come to the festival of science: as participants or visitors. The initiator of the Festival of Science in Russia was the Moscow State University.  At the stand of Russian Quantum Center at the Fundamental Library building of MSU everyone could take part in the experiment with Schrödinger's cat!

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IV world Congress on global civilization

3-5 December 2013, Moscow, Russia


At the IV World Congress of Global Civilization the participants discussed the ideas of Centennial comprehensive rehabilitation plan for of the global ecological environment, the creation of the Organization for the implementation of this plan and the formation of the Global System for monitoring, forecasting and reaction to emergencies. The meanings of Vernadsky's teachings were disclosed as the basis for long-term global sustainable development strategy.

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IV international business conference «Investments in sustainable development. New conditions for the innovative capacity of business»

11 - 13 December 2013, Moscow, Russia

The aim of the conference was to increase the role of business in achieving sustainable development of Russia in line with global trends and approaches. The conference was focused on both the representatives of public authorities and senior managers of Russian and foreign companies and the members of the expert community and practitioners in the field of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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*In this section, we list some of the events that were organized by UnifestCongress as complete all-in-one projects, as well as projects in which UnifestCongress performed as a service agent, providing certain separate services