HR Policies

The main tenants of our HR policy at UniFest Travel are summarized below.


We welcome applicants with experience and expertise, as well as those who are at the beginning of their careers in business travel. Our preferred candidates are team players with a high capacity for ongoing learning and development, and personal and professional growth. These candidates are also highly motivated, and share our corporate and human values. In return, we provide plenty of support and guidance for new employees. We make sure each new staff member, regardless of his or her position, adjusts properly to the new working environment.


Each staff member can expect to be offered opportunities for professional development and further education in accordance with the needs of the company and the individual’s area of responsibility. Each department not only sends staff members to various professional development programs but also organizes in-house training sessions.


We encourage initiative, creativity and innovation, and we value any input from staff that may help our clients to develop and succeed. We welcome new ideas, and team members who come up with the best ideas are rewarded and promoted.


Our relationship with our staff is built on mutual trust and respect, long-term partnerships, and open communication. Work is rewarded in accordance with the outcomes achieved, and our competitive compensation package includes a bonus system based on performance.


We strive to develop our corporate culture in different ways. At our corporate events, we encourage and recognize new employees by awarding certificates and prizes.


UniFest Travel offers an employee-benefits package that includes discounts when using the company’s services and a significant discount on health insurance.


Welcome to our amazing team!